Online banking with KMyMoney

Hello Planet,

KMyMoney learned to send credit transfers to your (German) bank 🙂

For many years KMyMoney could do the other way round; download transactions from your bank using HBCI, FinTS and OFX. But to transfer money it was required to visit the bank’s web site again — a usability nightmare.

The current developer branch allows users to create SEPA credit transfers, store and send them — thanks to AqBanking (website is in German). Some basic features are available already, so the IBAN is validated and you get suggestions for BICs. Also an address book of account numbers was added to the payees. But that is not used for auto-completion, yet.

Screenshot of credit transfer in KMyMoney

My vision is a program that helps you to do ordinary tasks. Did you ever pay overdraft interests because you overdrew an account while another account was well-stuffed? With KMyMoney it should be able do fix that problem with a minimal amount of clicks. Even better, for years KMyMoney creates a forecast based on scheduled transactions. So it can make suggestions to move your money from the saving accounts even before an account drops into the red zone.

Sadly only a small amount of users will profit from the credit transfers: only German banks are supported. Everything was created in a very flexible way. Hopefully somebody else will use that to add support for more protocols.